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Conditions and Terms For All Moving Jobs

1. Over weight Items :

Any items over 300 pounds (lbs), these items will be considered overweight and we will charge an extra fee if the job is possible, otherwise we will have to reschedule it for another day or ask the company for more help if they can do it in the same day.

2. Safety/liability precautions :

For safety reasons, no one can help us loading/unloading the truck, if the customer decide to help us , the customer will be responsible for any damages happen to the property , him/her , inventory

3. Hourly Charge :

We have a 2 hours minimum move policy for small jobs , and 3 hours minimum for houses. 

4. Payment :

Payment has to be taken by the customer BEFORE we unload at the last location.
For our leftover service or mover help (no truck needed ) only then we charge before we start the work.

payment we accept :
Cash app
Zelle App 

Transaction rates!


      Cash: 0% fee

5. Washer & Dryer Connections :

We dont hook / unhook the washer and dryer. the customer has to take care of it.

6. Shrink wrap:

We are not responsible for removal of shrink wrap off the furniture unless, we have mover blankets protecting the furniture from any damages, the shrink wrap is included in the moving fee.

7: Loose items :

We do not move loose items or small items that may fit in a vehicle and it will be under your responsibility like Toys,shoes,clothes, floor lamps, personal items and more , unless its packed in boxes, and the boxes must be packed, taped, and ready to move, otherwise we will have to provide you with our left over service OR the mover box and charges will apply .

8. Booking Fee : 

booking fee is for booking your move! No one can take your scheduled move ! The Booking fee is not Deductible . BOOKING FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE IF MOVE IS CANCELED! If you would like to reschedule, we require for you to e-mail/call us 4 days in advance at (972) 408-6154  or any other inquiries within the 4 day grace period will lose their Booking fee.
If any information on the contract given from the customer is incorrect and has not been updated 3 days prior to the move, the Booking fee will have to be taken again .



10. Starting Time :

The Starting time is the Time we arrive to your location , not the time we start working inside your apartment or house or storage or business .

11: Wrapping the Furniture :

If the customer decide not to wrap his furniture and signed on the contract , the customer will be responsible for all the damage it may happen.

12: boxes and Tv :

Boxes has to be taped and sealed , we dont move open boxes and overweight boxes.

Tv: we have to turn on the Tv before we move it , if the cable was not available we will move under the customer responsibility  

13.Tv & refrigerator : 

Our service is not included unmount tv and mount it back. or taking the doors off for the refrigerator. we can try to take the main door off , door handle , if its not fitting then we have to charge $120-$150 to take it apart and put it again.

14. Max working hours a job

The Maximum hours is allowed for the movers to work in one job is 7 hours.

We provide the customer with $0.60 cents per pound coverage per artical , if anything happens (damages) during the job unless the customer asked for extra coverage and it will be additional charge. 

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